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Our Farm and Our Coffee

Condado has been run by my parents since 1983. It is the place where I grew up, and one of my very favorite places on Earth. Condado is located in the Mantiqueira Mountains, in a region called Mantiqueira de Minas, which is recognized worldwide for producing high quality coffee. That's mainly for three reasons: optimal altitude, optimal rainfall and optimal climate. The coffee varietals produced at our farm include Yellow and Red Catuai, Bourbon, Mundo Novo and Acaia. Coffee is harvested and dried at the farm and then goes to the local coop to be prepared and taken to roasters all over the world. Our coffee is a result of an incredible amount of dedication and hard work, and I hope to honor that in every step of my business. 

I will only work with specialty coffee, which is high quality coffee (scoring 80 points or above on a 100 point scale). I will always offer coffee from our farm, Condado, and eventually have a guest coffee from another farmer from my hometown.

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